100 people agreed to dance this dance and became famous

Looks like this guy had a great idea. He wondered if he could get 100 people from different parts of the United States and Canada to repeat the same dance routine one by one and, of course, everything would be videotaped. The result is “100 People of Dance”, and yes, he manages to fulfill his goal! Although it took him two months to shoot the videos and he had to drive his car over 10,000 miles, the effort was well rewarded:

the result is a video that puts a smile on everyone who sees it. ! Her dance video is actually quite epic and it shows you that no matter how crazy an idea comes to you, if you put your mind to it, you can do it and then proudly share it with everyone! Recording this video was not an easy task, he had to travel to many places and convince people to dance and be part of his video.

1000 People of Dance - YouTube

You must have very clear ideas to embark on an activity like this, because of the work and effort required to do it. But this guy is persistent and doesn’t give up, and in the end he gets it; and not only that, he also has great memories of all the people who met him and danced with him.

“And really that video was incredibly difficult to shoot and edit, so I hope people find it at least a little funny when they see it. Thank you very much to everyone who danced with me and to those who helped me record the video, without you this challenge would not have been possible. These are the words of the author when he posted the video on social networks.



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