11 children kicked their 108-year-old father out of the house. A foreign woman took him home and takes care of him

Not all people have an honest heart, which is why some are able to take any family member to the streets without thinking about what their end will be. This is the case of this humble grandfather who took a long walk in the sun to find plastic bottles in the garbage cans, but luck was on his side and a miracle happened.

The now popular Don Felipe Reyes had one of the most amazing times of his life, unexpectedly receiving support, care and unconditional love from a beautiful family who asked for nothing in return. Benita Dirz says: “I was driving my car through the city of Torreon when I suddenly met this nice grandfather, it was very sunny and I saw that he had a little trouble walking, so I didn’t think about it, I asked him to come, offered him some water and invited him to get in the car. Unfortunately, the 11 children that Don Felipe has from 3 different marriages decided to remove him from their home so that he would not be another burden on them. Don Felipe collected the bottles and then sold them to pay for his meal.

Benita couldn’t believe what she was hearing so she decided to bring her grandfather home, the man bathed and changed, she brought clean clothes and cooked a family dinner where everyone had the opportunity to share a moment with Don Felipe.

Everyone was fascinated by the stories and countless anecdotes of the kind grandfather. Benita decided to post photos on one of his social networks and it only took a few seconds for it to become popular, immediately millions of people decided to help the humble grandfather and started to send food, clothes, shoes and money so that from now on Don Felipe could live in peace. Like the story of Don Felipe, there are millions of people on our streets, our seniors need good deeds, kind-hearted people who are ready to help the helpless seniors on the streets.

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