20 square meters. This house is very nicely furnished. Although it is small, it has 2 bedrooms

To date, there are many projects of mini-houses. Saving resources and space is slowly becoming a lifestyle. So many construction companies specialize in the development of mini-house projects. Such companies work according to catalogs, where the most popular interiors are listed, as well as various price categories are available. Also, the client can offer his own version and adjust the types of materials used. As a rule, the creation of a structure on an individual project takes more time, and some projects require additional building materials.

Functional reliable housing requires special knowledge in the field of building technologies, so most specialized firms offer customers ready-made projects for small houses. A clear, detailed cost estimate, as well as the availability of all the necessary premises, makes standard projects the most convenient and in demand among connoisseurs of suburban beauty and silence.

Particularly in America, the trend of building tiny houses is growing rapidly. This is due to the growing demand. Already at every step you can see a small cozy house with an original design. One of these can be seen in California. The house was built next to the park and occupies approximately 20 square meters. Despite the small area, it accommodates two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. One of the bedrooms is made under the ceiling. In mini-houses, this layout is often used. Bedrooms are made on the second level, so that there is free space below for an office or a recreation area. The house has large skylights that open onto a green lawn. They add light and visually enlarge the space. The kitchen is equipped with all household amenities. The modest size of the living space is easily compensated by the competent use of space, compact built-in furniture and laconic design. Such a compact house is not suitable for a large family, but up to three people can perfectly fit in it. It is always comfortable in such houses. Almost all small houses have outdoor terraces near the house or on the roof, where the family can spend time outdoors in both winter and summer.


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