22 children and that’s not all. They will have up to 100 children

Christina Ozturk, 24, is married to hotel owner Galip Ozturk (56). Together they have twenty-two children. – We want a big family, because a big family means a lot of love, Christina Ozturk, 23, mother of 11, tells Dagbladet. In a social media post in February, she wrote that she and her husband had discussed having more than a hundred children.

She recently gave birth to her first child at the age of six. – I don’t know how many children we want. At the moment we are not planning any more children, but in the future everything is possible. She can also tell Dagbladet that all children get everything they need. She sees no problem giving children the attention they need.

– We do everything together. This is precisely why we wanted children of the same age, so that they could develop and grow together. Play, walk, read, sing. We do everything together, in our big family. All children receive an ocean of love from me and my husband, Ozturk tells Dagbladet.

Originally from Moscow, Christina Ozturk met wealthy hotelier Galip Ozturk while vacationing in the coastal city of Batumi in Georgia. This is written by the British newspaper Daily Mail. Christina already had a daughter Vika from before. The first child she had with Galip was Mustafa. He was born on March 10, 2020. Olivia, born on January 16, 2021, is currently the youngest of the couple.

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