5 people can comfortably live in a bus converted into a house

Young couple Tom Grand and Kylie Barnes bought a 23 year old bus from the market in 2011 for only £1200 and in a few months they have transformed it into a modern, nice and cozy mobile home that can accommodate 5 people at the same time. They spent £10,000 to make their dream come true and turn an old bus into a cozy home. Both Tom and Kylie had their own responsibilities. Tom had to deal with technical arrangements, electricity, as well as furniture, etc.

Kylie took up interior design. She did everything to create a wonderful atmosphere by decorating the house with carpets and wood. The mobile home has a living room with two large sofas and all necessary amenities such as a stove, oven, gas fireplace, sink, toilet and shower. Only the driver’s seat reminds that the motor home was once an ordinary bus.

With the purchase of a motor home, the young family got the opportunity to travel to different countries and attend various events and festivals. Recently, a young couple decided to sell their motorhome with an offer of £9,100. The unique house has large sofas and all the necessary amenities.

Today, the market for mobile homes on wheels is growing and developing. Many companies offer ready-made models of motorhomes with all the amenities and household appliances. No need to collect luggage and run somewhere to buy tickets. You can travel without leaving your home. Many young families prefer to change their place of residence rather than be tied to a particular city or region. For such cases, motorhomes can be an ideal solution.

With the development of network technologies, it is no longer necessary to work from the office. Many people freelance from home, and motorhomes are also ideal for such purposes. After all, you no longer need to take a vacation from work to travel. You can work and travel at the same time. This miracle of technology has made a real revolution in the engineering industry.

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