5-year-old shocks her spectators with her 2’6” horse jumping talent

Many adults believe that riding a big horse is a significant challenge. But it feels incredible when you see a kid doing the same happily. After all, kids are spectacular learners and can absorb information really fast.

Something like this happened recently when a 5-year-old girl, Kinsley, impressed her spectators when she rode around on a Morgan Draft Cross mare named Ruby. She rode on her horse around a jumping course.

Kinsley gracefully made her horse jump over a series of 2’6″ hurdles along a jumping course. It felt like the big horse, and the small rider shared a special bond. The horse knew that the rider was not an adult and made sure that she did not run fast between the hurdles.

Ruby also ensured that she jumped with minimal jerks so that Kinsley did not fall down from the saddle. The spectators at the event cheered little Kinsley as she jumped over one hurdle to another on her beloved horse.

The organizers decided to play Kinsley’s favorite song, “Let it Go,” from the soundtrack of Frozen upon the little rider’s request. The sight of a 5-year-old girl jumping over hurdles on a big horse would give any adult a shiver down the spine. Nonetheless, the calmness and confidence on her face would have gotten rid of such fears.

Kinsley and Ruby proved there was nothing to worry about with every jump. The 5-year-old girl had complete confidence in her pet horse that she would not jump too much to make Kinsley fall down.

The way Kinsley was handling Ruby was really an incredible sight. The little girl’s confidence grew in leaps and bounds with every turn and jump. Although the crowd kept cheering her, Kinsley remained focused and determined.

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