8 twins grew up today. They are annual and like that

Californian Nadia Suleman set a kind of record in 2009 by giving birth to eight children at once. On this occasion, Nadia was nicknamed “supermom” and “eight-mother”. Largely, because before the birth of the eight, she already had six, including twins.

Family life is not easy: government payments are sorely lacking, even though neighbors and friends help my mother. At first, the family received a good income by participating in reality shows filmed specifically about this family, but over time such offers from viewers became less and less.

10 лет назад эта женщина родила восьмерняшек. Вот как они выглядят сейчас - Lifter

And in society, Suleman was treated ambiguously. It even got to the point that due to the million dollar debt, the family house was put up for auction. Nevertheless, Nadia later managed to restore her reputation. Now the eldest child, Suleman, is nineteen and the eight youngest are eleven.


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