9-year-old wakes up after drowning in pool and talks about Heaven

Annie shared details about her unforgettable experience in Heaven and remembers that a ‘man in white’ was there in the pool.

In the summer of 2018, the Powell family was enjoying the sun in a swimming pool, but then their nightmare started.

At some point, pastor Dave Powell saw a man getting out of the water holding a girl in his arms. It was obvious that the girl needed medical help.
“I noticed that a man was bringing out a young girl and she was just drooped over his arms. And he was asking for help. He was, ‘Help me! Help me!’” Dave told CBN.

Soon, the man and his wife, Cathy, realized that the girl was none other than their 9-year-old daughter, Annie.
The lifeguard got to the drowning girl and started performing CPR, while an ambulance was called to the scene.

As Cathy recalled, “During the CPR I noticed that Annie was blue from her chest up, and her eyes were rolled back in her head. She looked so lifeless. And she was my little girl. She was only 9. And I felt very helpless, and I was asking God, ‘God, don’t take her. Let her come back.’”

Soon, the ambulance arrived and the girl was rushed to a nearby hospital after being given oxygen.
By then, her parents had realized that what was happening was very serious. Their little daughter had drowned and, while she was breathing, the doctors were doing their best to save her life.

The girl, who had suffered cardiac arrest and respiratory failure, had to be transferred to another hospital so that she could receive appropriate treatment.
“That’s when it really started to click, you know, that she’s not perfectly okay, even though she is breathing. And I was wondering what is going on there? And if she would ever be the same,” her father told CBN.

While doctors were doing whatever they could to save the girl, Annie’s family, friends, and fellow church members started praying for her.

The day after the incident, the Powells’ home church dedicated time for prayers for Annie. The girl’s parents were grateful to their community for sending all their love their way, and they didn’t lose faith or hope that their daughter’s health would soon improve.

The day after, Annie’s blood and oxygen levels started getting better and doctors soon let her parents know that she would be fine.
Indeed, only five days after being admitted to the hospital, Annie was released with no physical or brain damage, and with no memory loss.

The girl then shared with her parents and with the world what she saw in what she believes was Heaven.
“I saw butterflies, and they were all different colors. They weren’t just regular, you know, everyday colors. They were colors you couldn’t even imagine. I felt very happy and joyful and very loved, and I just felt it all around me.”

Annie also mentioned seeing a man in white helping her in the pool, who she believes may have been Jesus or an angel.

The girl is fine today and happy that she experienced something so special, although traumatic.

Watch the family talk about the incident and the unique experience in the video below!

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