A 43-year-old man was looking for his mother, but accidentally found his sister. The meeting revealed the drama behind their birth

David McBride from Birmingham realized that he was adopted at a young age, but was able to find out the history of his biological parents only after 43 years, writes the Daily Mail. The man never met them, but he managed to find his own sister, whose existence he had no idea.

David was born in January 1962 in the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast. As a baby, he was found packed in a checkered bag in a car on the outskirts of the city. The baby was sent to an orphanage, and from there the boy was taken by foster parents.

David found out that he did not live in his own family, simply by looking at his birth certificate (and it could have been worse, like a guy who was revealed to the truth of his origin by a facial recognition system). Then, at the age of 15, McBride could not understand why the date of birth was indicated only approximately and decided to ask his father about it.

He told his son the truth, and so the teenager found out that he was only 14 days old when he was found. Since then, David has been on fire with the idea of finding out the truth about his biological parents.

This means that for the first couple of weeks of my life, someone fed me, warmed me and loved me, ”the Daily Mail quotes the words of the man.

However, all the efforts of the Irishman did not give result: David managed to get married, become the father of three daughters, move from Ireland to the UK, but he did not learn anything about his own father and mother.

All this time, the man did not even suspect: another Irish woman was looking for the same people.

Helen Ward, who was born six years later than David, went almost the same way as him. In March 1968, when Helen was still a baby, she was found in the Irish city of Dundalk in the same checkered bag. The girl, like David, found a foster family.

When Helen was 17 years old, she suspected something and decided to ask her father the secret of her origin. But he advised her not to stir up the past, without giving an intelligible answer.

Helen didn’t like it; she couldn’t stop thinking about her biological mother. And in 2003, being already an adult mother of three children, the woman took a decisive step. She went to an adoption center in the Irish city of Drogheda. But there was no mention of her parents in the archives of this organization.

In 2019, Helen made another attempt to find out about her family. She took a DNA test and posted the results to an online database. Sometimes such deep research can ruin a life, and a resident of the UK, who lost her husband because of this, is living proof of this. But Helen was very lucky, because if it were not for her curiosity, she would not have found any of her relatives.

Around the same time, David also decided to enter a new round of his search. The man trusted the professionals – he turned to the organizers of the Long Lost Family show. This program just specializes in the search for relatives who have lost each other for a long time.

Thus, the results of the DNA test of the man were published on the same service where Helen posted her data, and within one month. The match was immediately discovered, and David was very surprised to learn that he has a sister.

Finding Helen was one of the greatest gifts. When we sat down and started talking, the world around us ceased to exist, he recalled.

Helen, too, did not at all expect that the search for her parents would help her find a brother.

It was stunning. I imagined who my parents might be, but I never thought about brothers or sisters,” she said.

After the reunion, David and Helen finally managed to find out who their parents were. Experts compared a number of other DNA data and found out who decided to abandon two babies in the distant 60s.

David and Helen’s father was a store manager in Dublin until he passed away in 1993. Their mother survived her lover for a long 24 years – she died in 2017.

It turned out that between these two there was a drama worthy of a novel. David and Helen’s dad was a married father of 14 when he began an affair with their mother. She was 17 years younger than him, in addition, the couple belonged to different religious denominations – the man was a Protestant, and the woman was a Catholic.

In those days, their union was considered scandalous and unacceptable, so the young mother left her children on the street. David and Helen learned that in her entire life she had not married and had no other children. This made the brother

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