A 9-year-old Russian artist “sells” his best works to homeless shelters. Due to this

The world will be saved by kindness. A skillful young artist from the small town of Arzamas shares this precise opinion. Nine-year-old Pavlik has a deep passion for all animals. The young man is also a brilliant artist. He made the decision to find a way to help homeless animals after losing his beloved pet. The young boy, who loves to draw animals, decided to create pictures of pets to order and exchange for stray food.

He shared his idea with his mother. She made the decision to create a group on social networks and to include the contacts of the young artist. A lot of people responded, and Pavel started drawing. The story of the teenage volunteer was reported across the city. The portraits were quite dissimilar. Pavel especially enjoyed meeting his clients in person and getting to know their pets when he delivered photos to them. And he delivered all the food to the animal sanctuary.

The youngster began to receive communications not only from the city but also from foreign countries. His work is widely dispersed around the world. Sometimes the boy doesn’t have time to draw so much because there are so many commands. Pavel has a school and classes, after all. The talented youngster wants to control everything. A nine-year-old child is an illustration of how love and kindness can improve the world.other claims that since birth, her son has grown into a very compassionate and loving young man.

He never saw a dog or a cat on the street because he always brought sick animals home and took care of them. The young man sees himself as an architect-builder who will build a large and feature-rich animal shelter. Arzamas had no volunteer groups, so the boy founded the first. His helpers are already there. They could live better in the shelter if other people followed his example and if there were fewer strays in the city.

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