A bus in Albania got stuck over a river, but they didn’t remove it, but made a bridge out of it ․

A bus driver in Albania made a mistake and got stuck between two banks of a river. After reflection, the local authorities decided not to remove it at all: the bus looked so organic that they made a real bridge out of it. Apparently the bus driver exceeded the speed limit that night and left the road too abruptly.

Inertia carried a heavy bus right over the Lana River – the car was reliably stuck on both banks at once. At first, the city services planned to quickly remove the bus. The mayor of the city intervened: Orion Veliay noticed how successfully the car got up.

The official spoke publicly and said that many citizens even liked the unusual element of landscaping. The mayor launched a poll on social networks, where he invited the townspeople to choose the fate of the bus themselves. Locals liked the idea and in reruns they started coming up with more and more interesting options.

In the end, they decided to turn the bus into a bridge, but with a few additions. Inside, a botanical exhibition for school children will be set up – the installation will soon be given new life. A creative approach turned a not-too-successful driving maneuver into a boon for the whole city.

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