A bus that looks royal from the inside. It also has a secret room

At the thematic auction, a luxury car house assembled on the basis of a full-size tourist bus is put up for sale. But the size is not even the main thing here, because in the house, in addition to marble floors, there is a whole secret room. We are looking at the device of the camper, the owner of which asks for 38 million rubles, or half a million dollars. From the side of the Prevost Featherlite H3 45, in principle, it can be mistaken for a standard bus, which tourists usually carry. But it is worth stepping inside and its price immediately becomes clear, because the first steps the new owner has to take on the marble floor. Naturally, one should not expect less from the interior decoration. The walls are upholstered with expensive sorts of wood and trimmed with genuine leather. The designers also used glass surfaces and carbon fiber in their work, which made it possible to give the interior a somewhat futuristic look. The owner of this miracle on wheels will not have to regret the lack of space or the right rooms.

The motorhome is equipped with two full-size bedrooms at once and a separate dining area with a full kitchen, which even a professional chef will deem sufficient. By the way, there are also two bathrooms here, and each has a shower. It is not known what will appeal to the new owner of a camper more – to travel in a luxury home on the autobahn, or arrange a parking lot overlooking local attractions.

The fact is that in the parking lot the walls of the house can be moved apart, thus acquiring for temporary use the entire surrounding space. And in one of the luggage compartments there is a real secret room. You can enter it through a hidden hatch in the cabin floor, inside there are several screens, a comfortable sofa and its own ventilation system. Despite the extremely high cost (Bentley Mulsanne, for example, will cost “only” 21.62 million rubles), the motorhome is unlikely to be on sale for a long time.


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