A Canadian became a dad 149 times from 24 women, and for this the court deprived him of his freedom

For some, already 5 children is too many. But not for a Canadian dad named Winston Blackmore. So, a 61-year-old native of British Columbia is the father of 149 children from 24 wives! However, in his native country, he is not read as a heroic father, but rather as a delinquent. Indeed, for the fact that Winston gave life to 149 babies, he received not an award, but a subpoena.

The lawyers were embarrassed by the fact that Winston was married even to an underage girl who was barely 15 years old. However, in the province of Bountiful, in which the father of many children lives, polygamy is considered the norm.

About 1.5 thousand families live in this town, who are considered Old Believers and lead a primitive lifestyle. They do not enjoy the benefits of civilization, are engaged in agriculture and follow family customs that have not changed for 70 years.

Winston’s son-in-law, who is married to 5 girls at once, was also brought to justice. Indeed, according to the laws of Canada, only monogamous marriages are allowed, and polygamy is currently prohibited.

During the trial, 61-year-old Winston was sentenced to house arrest for a period of 6 months, as well as 150 hours of community service. As part of the punishment, the man was allowed to go to work, as well as see a doctor if necessary

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