A car intended for traveling with its trailer. There are two beds inside

All people love to travel and spend time in nature. A couple of decades ago, no one thought about the fact that he can travel in comfort. Usually, in order to go out of town, one had to pack a huge backpack of things. However, time changes everything. Today, people attach more and more importance to comfort and convenience. And there is logic in this. After all, when going on vacation, you want to really relax, and not run around collecting brushwood and thinking about how to cooke lunch . Motorhomes and vans are becoming more popular every day.

They provide maximum comfort while traveling, as they have all the comforts of life. There are a lot of such architectural solutions today, but not all companies offer budget options. A motorhome costs a lot of money, but a van can be bought for a very reasonable price.
A Lithuanian construction company has released a project of a trailer, which is specially conceived for traveling with the family. The trailer has four berths, a small table and a kitchenette. Here is everything you need for a pleasant time in nature. The trailer has a ventilation system and a large roof window that allows you to enjoy beautiful views day and night.

There is storage space under the bed, and two more single beds can be split above the double bed. The kitchen has a gas stove and a sink, so the cooking process will not be a hassle. The trailer even has a socket for charging phones and other gadgets.

This is a brand new custom addition to any car and will suit families with children or those who like to travel with friends. Manufacturers have not forgotten about the refrigerator, which is built into the sink. The trailer costs about seven thousand dollars, which is several times cheaper than buying a motor home. The company plans to develop the project of trailers for travel in the future, as this is an invention that is in demand today.

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