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A child who has just been born has only reflexes and does not yet know how to do anything. However, based on these unconditioned reflexes, sophisticated voluntary reactions will begin to develop from the first months of life. By the age of one, a baby’s nerve activity has progressed to the point that he can perform tasks that are beyond his age. Reflexes are specific bodily responses to the effects of stimuli. The central nervous system manages these responses. Skin receptors, muscles and the neurological system all contribute to their development.

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The two main categories of reflexes are congenital and acquired. While acquired reflexes require some learning, congenital reflexes are present in the body from birth. Knowing exactly how a healthy newborn baby should react to a certain stimulus A neurologist can quickly refer a tiny patient for further testing and suspect pathology. if necessary, for medical care. Reactions in a normally growing child should be symmetrical, which means that right and left babies should have the same reactions to annoyance.

When a young person reacts normally on one side but not on the other, it is called reflex asymmetry. For example, if a young person can successfully grasp the fingers of one hand but not the other, this demonstrates the absence of a grasping reflex on that side. The embrace or Moro reflex is one of the most noticeable reflexes. When the thigh and buttock are patted, when suddenly bumping into the changing table at a distance of 15-20 cm from the infant’s head, the little toddler extends his hands to the sides, straightens his fingers, then brings together his hands. The reaction occurs immediately after birth and decreases after four months.

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