A couple’s wedding dance takes a dramatic turn as the song is changed and the father faces the camera.

Former Brigham Young University (BYU) student Mikayla Ellison is a dancer with the BYU International Folk Dancing team. She recently wed Cody, another BYU student. But as you’re about to witness, Mikayla isn’t the only member of her family who enjoys dancing.

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As is frequently the case during the wedding dinner, the father and daughter dance starts out simply and conventionally before transitioning into an outstanding choreography. In the video we’re sharing with you today, Mikayla and her father take us by surprise with an epic wedding dance that’s a little out of the norm but will leave you grinning ear to ear. The lively duo captivates the audience with dance development in the video, which was captured by BP Video & Photo in Point Grove, Utah. They use catchy techniques like the Hammer Time, the Carlton, and the dance to do this. Actually, many people are hailing it as the greatest father-daughter wedding dance ever!

“NEVER WASTE YOUR CHANCE TO DANCE WITH YOUR DAUGHTER,” is Nate’s advice to all the dads in the world right now. Additionally, he claims that this was his time to treat his daughter like a princess, and that it will be an experience she will never forget.


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