A father and son earn Simon Cowell’s golden button after showcasing their bond live.

What father doesn’t enjoy sharing interests with his kids? Whatever the activity—painting, cycling, soccer, or any other—it is something that strengthens the bond between the two family members. And that’s exactly what has happened to the family couple we’re introducing to you today.


Tim and Jack Goodacre, a father and son who are 43 and 12 years old respectively, gave a fany audition for the British talent show Got Talent. Both are in perfect sync, and during their performance, they demonstrated that they have a genuine aptitude for making music as well as a desire to do so. In fact, they forced the jury and the audience to submit by singing a song they wrote themselves, “The Fortunate Ones.” Tim described the inspiration behind “The Lucky Ones” before he started his audition.


” Jack spoke in after his father finished describing him, saying, “It’s about how lucky we are to have what we have.” The couple’s fortitude to perform “The Fortunate Ones” in front of the judges, the live audience, and the rest of the globe was actually inspired by their thankfulness. Jack and Tim started singing on stage under a little bit of strain from what they had just spoken. What came out of their mouths was too lovely to put into words. What did the judges think of “The Fortunate Ones,” despite the fact that it was obvious the public adored them? They had been anticipating Simon Cowell and his golden blossom for a very long time. Watch the video below to see how they responded to it.


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