A former pupil raised almost $20,000 for a teacher who lost his or her house.

Social media: beneficial or harmful? Most likely, it is worthwhile to discuss who we are as users of civilization’s achievements. Because everyone can use the social network, it is only a tool and a means of contact. Today, we’ll discuss how social media helped individuals band together for a worthy cause and be successful! Jose Villaruel, 77, spent many years filling in for regular teachers, so he was well-known in every school in his community. Mr. Vee, as he was known by his many students, was ever prepared to start work.

His kids liked him and always cheered when he arrived since he was a great teacher and a happy person.Steven Nava, a male, once drove past the former teacher’s vehicle. He repeatedly observed that a man lived in this car. But Steve discovered that day that he knew this individual! It’s his former instructor, Mr. V.
Steve bought a motel room for the needy man and gave him $300 for the first time after questioning how he got into such a life. But what comes after? Steven Nava made the decision to use social media to reach out to everyone who has ever met Mr. Vee’s students.

The elderly man could not believe his eyes when, on his birthday, Steve presented him with a tidy sum — $27,000 — that had been raised by his students and other generous individuals who had read the student evaluations of their teacher and participated in the fundraiser. Interested in Jose’s past, that of the mayor, and that of the media. The money raised for the elderly guy was sufficient to settle his bills and provide him with a roof over his head. Steve Nava, the event’s creator, said, “Let’s leverage social networks’ power for good.”

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