A girl feeds a homeless man and he hands her a note she will never forget ․Here is what was written in it

The story of how kindness and empathy can save a life happened to a simple American student named Kelly.

Every morning, as usual, the Girl left the house and went to college, and then walked on her own business.

And on her way, every time she saw the same homeless man who asked for alms.

He was dressed in rags, almost barefoot, and always looked down without raising his eyes.

She ignored him and kept walking. One day, Kelly walks into the cafeteria for a bite to eat and sees

the homeless man at the counter who was counting pennies to get himself something to eat.

The girl feels sorry for him and she invites him to her table and treats him at her own expense.

A conversation ensues between them. The homeless man’s name was Tom, and he hasn’t always been homeless.

He talk Kelly about his youth, student life, parents, plans and dreams. But it all ended one day when he started taking illegal drugs.

His life has been turned upside down and he has become a homeless man with no friends or family.
Tom has lost faith and interest in life. The girl patiently listened and tried to cheer up the man.

After sitting together for a couple of hours, the girl hurried to college.

When she was leaving, Tom put a small piece of paper with text in her hand.

Kelly hurriedly put it in the pocket and forgot, but remembered after a couple of days. What did she read there?

The homeless man thanked her for her kindness and cordiality, she gave him hope that life is beautiful and one must live.

This meeting changed Tom’s life, he believed in himself again. The girl remembered that homeless man for a long time,

and every time she read the note, she was glad that she could help in difficult times. She no longer met

Tom in the passages. Most likely he returned to his former life.

This story proves that we have not to be indifferent to someone’s grief and problems, because each of us can get into a difficult situation and ask for a helping hand.

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