A girl with Down syndrome became a beauty queen, although no one believed in her

When the judges of the international competition “The Ultimate Beauty Of The World” announced the results of the draw, the entire auditorium burst into applause. Because for the first time in world practice, 19-year-old Kate Grant, a girl with Down syndrome, received the crown of the winner and the first prize.

With her perseverance and courage, Kate was able to prove that nothing is impossible for people with developmental disabilities. The main thing is to believe in yourself and persistently go towards your goal.

Kate was born in Cookstown, Northern Ireland. Immediately after the birth, the doctors informed her mother about the terrible diagnosis. But, contrary to all the forecasts of the doctors, Kate not only successfully mastered the letter, but also graduated from high school.

The girl has many friends with whom she likes to spend her free time. When Kate was 13 years old, she came across an article in a magazine that talked about Australian model Madeline Stewart, who was also diagnosed with Down syndrome. And the girl decided that she would definitely become like her.

But, in all advertising agencies where Deirdre sent photos of Kate, they were refused. Then Deirdre started a Facebook page for Kate and posted her portfolio there. And the incredible happened: the girl’s photos instantly became viral.

Everyone especially liked the picture of Kate in evening dress, which was taken during the school prom. More than 7 thousand users commented on it, and about 26 thousand people shared it with their friends and acquaintances.

After the fashion show, Kate began to receive offers from advertisers, and journalists from many publications interviewed her. But the finest hour came when the girl received a call from Teilo-Ray Hamilton, the main organizer of The Ultimate Beauty Of The World contest, with a request to take part in the review.

Unlike other similar shows, “The Ultimate Beauty Of The World” does not conduct a rigorous selection of nominees. Therefore, any person can become its participant, regardless of age, complexion or external data. Winners are chosen in three categories: children, teenagers and girls over 20 years old.

The whole next year, the girl will travel around the world and take part in various charity events. And then, Kate wants to become a professional model in one of the advertising agencies in England. We wish her success!

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