A house full of cars. Cars will not be able to leave this area.

An elegant estate built in the Art Nouveau style is for sale not far from Washington. This is a large private home with all the amenities needed to accommodate a large family. This is an upscale residence that was built in the form of a palace and is richly adorned. A significant portion of the property and a parcel of land located in a developed region are two distinctive features of the mansion. Country houses, mansions and villas are the most frequently decorated interior design spaces in the Art Nouveau style. The house has a large footprint and many rooms. The interior coordinating furniture is all built in warm, light colors with gold patterns. The mansion’s basement, however, is its main attraction. The basement contains the whole city. The basement has 15 storefronts and real tiles are used to pave the sidewalk.

A billiard room, a games room with old toys and a hobby room with a fireplace are among these houses and shops. On the streets there are both real vehicles and mopeds. They are included in the purchase price and are sold with the house. The mansion has two separate buildings, not including the four car above ground garage.

There are 1,200 square meters of living space. Although there are many luxurious mansions being built today, it is extremely difficult to surprise the buyer with one. As a result, the owners strive to make their palaces unique. Everyone has their own point of view on this issue. A mansion is more than just a big house with a yard. There may be more buildings here, such as a separate guest house, gazebos for summer recreation, a stable and a tennis court.

The intended use of the mansion as a permanent residence is another distinguishing feature. and not on certain days or dates of summer activities or visits. It is not known why the owners took the decision to create the city in the basement. Most likely, the previous owner did it on a whim. It is particularly amazing that the cars in the basement are trapped there forever because they have no other way out. Each nation’s mansions had unique architectural features and intricacies in their layout. The building was supposed to impress with its elegance, and the possessions – with volumes, but the meaning remained the same.

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