A house that merges with nature. It is glazed and very bright

Architecture has undergone development for many centuries, changing trends and styles. The architect must be in constant search. Life changes as well as the needs of people. Architectural trends must meet the needs of society. Historically, certain architectural styles have developed that have already become classics. Of course they change a little when used in modern interiors, but the basic concept does not change. However, in addition to the standard styles of Art Nouveau, Classicism, Gothic, Modernism, Baroque, and so on, there are also such trends that are not included in the general classification and remain aloof from universal ideas, while becoming independent and stable trends.

One of them is organic architecture. The name of this direction speaks for itself. The goal of the architect is to create a house that will not violate the laws of nature and organically fit into the surrounding landscape. The house, designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiaina, resembles a hobbit dwelling. The house is made in a spherical shape with large skylights and is completely covered with greenery.

Walls, ceilings and built-in furniture are made of ferrocement coated with a paste of marble chips and white cement. The house is very sunny and bright. Especially for this purpose, Sensoriani made holes on the roofs through which additional sunlight penetrates into the house.

The house merges with the surrounding nature and seems to be part of it. This concept turned out to be difficult to apply in urban conditions. Organic forms and materials are not widely available in the urban environment. Despite this, some elements are still used in combination with other styles. For example, it can be a country house or an apartment with an attic Organic ideas are realized in various places on our planet – in forests and mountains, on the banks of rivers and seas, embodying, perhaps, the most amazing and organic forms of all non-natural forms.

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