A letter was found in a bottle. There was the following request

The Brit was walking after work on the beach and came across an old sealed bottle. Out of curiosity, the man opened the cork and took a note from the bottle. From the first lines, he realized that the letter had been sent 21 years ago. Later, Crispin Benton told reporters that he walked along Cast Beach most nights, but had never seen anything like it before.

The bottle rested on the very line of the tide. “It’s just one of those things that you think will never happen, finding a message in a bottle. It happens once in a lifetime, and to say someone wrote this over 20 years ago. What is she doing now?” the Briton asked, after reading the message. His surprise is understandable.

Письма в бутылках: 8 посланий из океана - Рамблер/новости

The short note read: “Please don’t litter. Thank you”. Young daughter Anna signed the post in June 2001. Concerned about the state of the environment, Anna also provided her mailing address. Benton plans to contact her and tell her that leaving the bottle in the water is completely against the spirit of the message. But so far, Anna has not contacted. She may not yet know that someone has found her bottle.

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