A little girl with the appearance of a doll was admired by the whole world: How the unique beauty looks like now

Not all newborns conquer others with their beauty. It usually takes time for the standard child’s appearance to “take shape” and transform the toddler into a small and cute child. But for this girl, everything went easier. Since its creation, it has become a model of beauty for children.

Stephanie Jade’s daughter, Amaya, appeared on her mother’s Instagram after she was born. This is all due to the fact that the girl had an unusual hairline for her age and thick eyelashes, which looked absolutely adorable on a small face.

Some subscribers began to admire the appearance of the girl and predict a successful modeling career for her. Others began to accuse the mother of her excessive passion for photoshop. They thought a newborn just couldn’t look like that.

The girl really looked like a doll. She had large, arched lips for her face, expressive eyes, and sharp, unusually dark eyebrows for a child. The unusual appearance of the girl is explained by her origin. Her mother was born in Latvia and her father has African roots. They have been together for over ten years.

In addition to Amaya, the couple also has an eldest son and a younger daughter, whose appearance also pulls on a role model.

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