A low-income mother of many children built her dream home with her own hands. The interior of the house is beautiful.

Many people rent a house as they don’t have their own apartment. It is very difficult financially.

Michelle Boyle has built her dream home, ditching high rents forever.

Do you want to know how? Michelle is the mother of many children.

All expenses and responsibilities fell on the shoulders of this lovely lady.

Michelle says she had to pay $1,300 to rent a small house.

She had a genius idea to build an interesting house.

Considering all the expenses of a mother of many children, one can imagine that Michelle struggled.

That’s why Boyle decided to invest in his home, forever forgetting about rent.

Very often hardships help people to be creatine and overcome the difficulties.

Today, the woman lives in an 18.5 square meter house and pays only $65 a month.

We can hardly compare it with 1300$ she used to pay.

This price includes electricity, water and WIFI.

The woman is delighted with the new house that she designed herself.

This is how she found the way out of the hard situation.

Michelle has cleverly arranged a kitchen, a place to relax, a bathroom in a small house.

It turned out very comfortable and cute.

Do you agree? It’s really fine and her children can be proud of their mother’s invention.

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