A man dug an inconspicuous canoe in the forest for several months. It is not noticeable from the outside, but even a public bath is equipped inside.

The man disappeared for several months in the forest, digging a canoe. It is almost impossible for a person to find it from the outside: the entrance is an inconspicuous hole in the ground, disguised by foliage. Inside, there is a lot of space: even a public bath has been placed underground.

The base of the construction was a large iron barrel, and the author had to dig a deep hole under it. Naturally, he didn’t just fill the barrel with dirt, but formed a wooden frame around it, sewed it with plywood, and covered the plywood with foliage. The stove pipe for the bath is out, it is barely visible. A canoe with an interior decoration looks even comfortable canvas fabric covers the walls, a checkered blanket rests on a homemade bench, even a picture hangs.

And in the end, the author captures the most interesting on video the work of a bathhouse in an underground dugout: In the comments to the video, the author explained that he was going to leave the building for a long time.


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