A man saved pennies in a box for 45 years before deciding to see how much he managed to save.

People like to relax or do what they love besides work and household chores. Everyone has a different favorite vacation style.n After all, by changing professions, you can also relax. People create a variety of hobbies to entertain themselves. Sports, knitting, drawing or collecting are some examples. Otto Anders, originally from America, developed a passion for numismatics.

At first he chose to simply save a small amount and mix business with pleasure. He started collecting coins with a denomination of one cent in 1970. But over time, he got so carried away that he was unable to stop. He was numismatic for 45 years. So he had nowhere to put them, but he dared not access his savings. Otto claimed he had developed an addiction to his hobby. On the beach and the walkways, he liked to collect coins. He would occasionally make a special trip to the store to exchange money for a trifle.

His fundraising piqued the curiosity of every one of his friends. Eventually, the man decided to check his funds after 45 years to see how much he had accumulated. However, counting so many pieces was quite difficult. He had to go to the bank with the car loaded with coins. Bank staff were amazed to see so many coins.

They had never seen so many boxes of coins, despite the fact that people frequently go to the bank to exchange change for cash. Despite their shock, the workers used an automated machine to count the coins, and Otto was paid $5,000 for them. Not a large sum. However, he has amassed a substantial amount of coins given that he just collected pennies. Otto had long fantasized about taking a vacation, but he always saved money as other, more pressing costs kept cropping up. This time, he determined that 45 years of rest was what he deserved. The man took his savings, retired and invented a new hobby.


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