A musician singing in the street gathers passers-by around her

Musical notes are perceived differently by different people. A passion for music can even stop people on the street and hypnotize them with the performance of street musicians.

Usually, we prefer stage singers, without even thinking that people who play or sing on the street can also be talented and win people’s hearts with their melodies. In many large cities it is possible to meet them at every turn.

Karolina Protsenko

Their inner world is more calm and harmonious. They also know how to be energized and excited. People seem to relax from their daily rush by stopping and enjoying the musical notes. Their day seems to be filled with positive energy and they feel a little calm as they disconnect from the work of the day and immerse themselves in the rich world of music.

Karolina Protsenko

One of these street musicians is the talented violinist Karolina Prosendko, who spends her days on the streets of the United States and often in Santa Monica. A rather handsome and self-confident violinist who manages to penetrate the depths of people’s souls and have a powerful influence on them. Karolina presents any performance with her special talent. She manages to elevate the mood and convey positive emotions to passers-by. The parents are the daughter’s supporters.

He interprets many famous compositions and adds a slightly different note to them.
They know the girl all over the world. The broadcasts on the YouTube channel have raised his notoriety and made him famous all over the world. He was quite active on his page with his performances and got enough views and gathered a large number of followers.

He was recognized worldwide and his creations shone with their uniqueness and innovative spirit. She is also encouraged by her mother, who also plays very well, she even gives street concerts with the girl and helps the girl become famous. They performed “Let it be” together and left a big impression on passers-by.

His talent was greatly appreciated and his name was heard on the stages of many companies and TV shows, which gave him a greater opportunity to try his skills in popular shows as well.


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