A piano over 100 years old has been completely rebuilt after being repaired.

Humans are used to throwing away anything obsolete and unnecessary. This is how things work and how life works. The old must be replaced by the new. But, some items have intrinsic value and can never be produced again. Vintage and antique items fall into this category. Humans today have learned to reclaim many of the lost traditional crafting skills. The terms “restoration” and “repair” have various connotations when referring to pianos, grand pianos, furniture and other musical instruments. Instead, they fall into several repair subcategories.

The term “restoration” is used when referring to older vintage instruments, and “no more repair” when referring to new pianos. As already established, the restoration is only a repair carried out in a single method. If the replacement materials do not completely correspond to the originals, the restoration does not allow changing the painting technique or replacing the materials. In other words, piano repair returns the instrument to the state in which a craftsman or maker made it years ago. As a result, each vintage grand piano stands out in various ways. Several factories and workshops are no longer working today, and as a result, the components they used to manufacture are no longer working either. These details must be meticulously repaired and maintained.

antique piano

But, toys are also restored in addition to real pianos. The master discovered an antique toy piano in the attic and made the decision not to throw away the unusual item. The toy had been around for over a century. The maestro meticulously undertook the restoration of a beautiful object. The long restoration process resulted in a completely new toy from the previous century. Each component is meticulously painted and sanded. New keys were used, and paint and varnish were applied to the old ones. The restorer removed all the rust from the internal mechanism and brought back the crisp sound of the keys.


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