A pizza delivery boy becomes famous by stealing a family’s piano during one of his deliveries

Imagine it’s Sunday night, you’re watching TV in the living room with your family, it’s time for dinner and you order pizza. Half an hour later there’s a knock on the door, you open it, they give you the pizza and… the delivery man asks you if he can use the piano you have there! The pizza delivery man with the talents of a pianist.
Well, that’s what happened to this family. It was pizza night at home, so they called the local pizzeria to place the order. The delivery was entrusted to Bryce, a 17-year-old piano enthusiast. Even though he can barely play because of school and his future in college, he takes every opportunity to do so. Bryce had no idea this night was going to be so interesting. When he reached his destination, he picked up the pizzas and headed for the entrance, as he had done countless times before.


After delivering the order and receiving the money, he noticed there was a piano behind the door. He missed playing, and the desire to do so took over. Asking him politely if he could take a look at the piano, the Vachettis agreed and invited him inside. Confident in himself, he reached out and gently placed his hands on the keys. Then, without warning, Bryce delighted everyone with a stunning rendition of Beethoven’s “Moonlight” Sonata. From what can be seen in the video, it could be said that Bryce can have a great future in music if he wants it. Watch the video yourself and draw your own conclusions.


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