A school security guard found a purse that a schoolgirl left over 60 years ago. Here’s what was inside

A man named Chas Pyle worked at the school as a security guard.

One day while walking around the school grounds

he suddenly noticed a shining object lying between the wall and the closet.

Payal Decided to Approach and Take It. It turned out to be a bag.

Payal thought that it was hidden by one of the students. He decided to open it.

Payal was right, the students had hidden it, but there were things from the 50s in the bag.

From the documents in the bag, it became clear that it belongs to Patty Rumfola.

He lost the bag in 1957. It was not possible to find out how it got between the school closet and the wall.

Rumfola also studied at that school. Moreover, she also worked as a teacher in that school.

Rumfola had 5 children. At the request of her children, the contents of the bag were published

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