A schoolboy sent a gift to a poor girl in the Philippines, and 14 years later, by chance, they became husband and wife

Christmas is a time of miracles and gifts. Children especially love this holiday.

But not every family can afford to organize a holiday for their children and give gifts.

In one of the American schools, a very interesting action was organized every year:

children collected money for Christmas, bought small gifts and mailed them to poor children in different countries.

A boy named Taylor picked out a gift and sent it to a random recipient.

The gift flew to the Philippines and went to a girl named Gian.

The girl grew up in a poor family and was very happy with the box wrapped for Christmas, believing that the gift was sent by Santa Claus.

This story would have ended if 14 years later Jean, already an adult, had not found the box.

The address and name of the sender were kept there. Out of curiosity, she started looking up the name on social media and found Taylor.

The boy has also long since forgotten the tradition of sending gifts as a child and

was already a student when he suddenly received a request from a stranger on his social media account.

At first he declined the request, not recognizing the girl.

And how could he recognize her if he did not know where and to whom he was sending the gift and what the recipient looked like.

However, the girl sent him a new request. This time he was interested and accepted it.

The girl sent her a childhood photo, in which she is depicted with this box in her hands.

Then Taylor remembered everything. They struck up a conversation and began to actively communicate on social networks.

After some time, Taylor invited Jean to come visit, which she gladly accepted.

Jean had a great time with Taylor, they became friends and when she returned to her country,

the guy realized that he bonded with her and even fell in love.

So they started dating and three years later they got married.

This amazing story once again proves that you can’t escape fate.

Would seven-year-old Taylor suspect he was sending a present to his future wife?

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