A simple girl from Armenia won the hearts of Gucci designers with her extraordinary beauty

Most of us can not even imagine that they will be so lucky one day.

A girl from Armenia Armine, who has a unique look, left for Germany to the concert..

During the concert Gucci’s designer noticed her ,

as they were looking for beautiful girls with special features.

Armine couldn’t even imagine that her life will change totally.

The girl has never acted as a model.

She didn’t have to do much.She started to shoot for a famous brand.

She showed the clothing of the famous brand.

The designers liked Armine’s natural beauty very much that’s why they vere

against any changes in her appearance and using make-up.

The brand’s main purpose was to show the girl’s natural beauty.

This Armenian will have a brilliant career, because she has a unique appearance.

And her beauty was noticed all over the world.

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