A smart student built a house to avoid paying for a hostel. When I opened it, I was amazed.

If you’re a student, do whatever you want. Young students are struggling, as you know. You must pay for your education, housing, food and transportation. And to have time for both work and school, you have to be able to find a job. Many young people go to big cities to continue their studies, which makes it particularly difficult because they find themselves alone in a strange place.

A 25-year-old American student made the choice to save money and build his own house. But the man would have to put off building a house for the rest of his life because it would be incredibly expensive. Then he had the wonderful idea of building a trailer-style mobile home. The young man designed the house himself, bought the materials and recruited a carpenter and an electrician to help him. Wood was used as material for the walls and the framework.

An additional layer was built from the inside for soundproofing and a cladding was built from the outside for insulation. The house has wheels so that it is as portable as possible and can be moved if necessary. The house was portable due to its wooden construction. Only 15 square meters and about $20,000 was spent on the finished accommodation.

Both the interior and exterior of the house are impressive. To maximize space savings, the furniture in the house is all multifunctional. Shelves, cabinets, tables and folding chairs can be found anywhere. And the man invented all this by himself. Why spend so much money in such a small place, you might be wondering. However, as the young student himself said, it would have cost him much more if he had stayed in a hostel or rented a room. He is also not a homebody and leads an active lifestyle. He can rest and sleep comfortably in such a small area in the evening.

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