A swimming pool located on the roof of a 40-story building. Many people visit the country to see it

Skyscrapers have long managed to conquer the whole world. These high-rise buildings are not only residential apartments, but also offices, entertainment centers, shops and so on. And the most extreme entertainment in skyscrapers are swimming pools. The popularity of operated roofs is growing year by year, especially in suburban construction.

Many people prefer to save square meters of the site by transferring some of the amenities to the roofs of houses. One such option is the rooftop pool. For residents of some large cities, even in summer, artificial reservoirs remain the only opportunity to swim and sunbathe without leaving far from home. Some pools are worthy to come to the city specifically for them. One of these incredibly beautiful and extreme pools is located on the roof of a 40-story skyscraper. The pool is completely transparent, and from the front side it is several meters away from the building. In this part, even the bottom of the pool is made of glass, so that swimmers can feel weightless. There guests can swim and soar in the air at the same time. The effect is achieved due to the design of the pool: it is pushed out of the building to the outside, in addition, it has a transparent bottom. Swimming in the pool, you can view the city below from a height of 150 meters.

This is the highest pool and not everyone can swim there. The building also houses a hotel with luxury rooms. The entrance to the pool is always open for hotel guests, but it is not easy for an outsider to get inside: one must have a membership card and visit the pool regularly. For vacationers, the roof of the hotel offers an incredibly beautiful view of the city. It is especially beautiful to watch the city lights in the evening. This pool has already become one of the sights of the city. Many tourists come to Houston to visit this unusual pool and try cocktails at the bar, which is also located on the roof of a skyscraper.

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