A unique phenomenon in the sky accidentally captured by a camera

Meteorologists were working on filming the sky and suddenly, for only a second, a strange phenomenon appeared in front of them. Scientists rushed to film it, because at first glance, the nature of the phenomenon was unlike any other on earth.

The group was led by Stephen Hammer of the McDonald Observatory. He managed to film everything in front of the camera, even if the phenomenon hardly lasted more than a second. The sky darkened abruptly, red branches stretched across the clouds, mostly resembling the tentacles of a jellyfish. They grew to 80 kilometers in length and stretched to half the sky. In the pictures, the tentacles are clearly visible and, frankly, it was exciting to watch them. I had to call in experts to understand the nature of the phenomenon, the meteorologist later said.

The specialist examined the images received and quickly determined that Hammer had managed to capture the so-called sprites. In dynamics, the sprite looks even more mystical: Captured by a meteorologist in frame, the phenomenon is rarely noticed from the surface of the planet. But sprites have already been recorded several times from the ISS.


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