A video showing a daughter’s touching reaction to her father’s lack of a beard has gone viral on the internet

Children are always such children. A video of a little girl complimenting her father has become very popular in network.

The man wore a beard all his life. Both he and his entourage have long been accustomed to his image.

Even the persuasion of his wife, when they first got married, could not convince the man to shave.

Everything changed after the birth of her daughter.

The girl grew up as a little princess, and her father could not refuse her anything.

Once Ella, that was the name of the girl, asked her dad to shave his beard, because it was prickly.

According to the man, it was very difficult for him to make such a decision.

After all, he perceives himself only with a beard, this is his image.

But the desire of his daughter was very important for him. He couldn’t refuse her.

And then the day came when he came home without a beard. What was Ella’s reaction?

The baby was very surprised at first, then she went up to her father and hugged him, saying that he was very handsome.

And then she asked why he shaved off his beard. Then the man reminded her that she asked him to shave his beard herself.

It turns out that the girl had long forgotten about this conversation, but she was still very happy with the new image of her father.

Not only little Ella was satisfied, but also her mother. All men deep down dream of the birth of a son in order to continue the race.

But everything changes when they take their little princesses in their arms.

They feel even more responsible for them and fulfill all their whims and requests.

So little Ella took advantage of her father’s love and achieved her goal.

Everyone noted that the man was very rejuvenated and began to look fresher without a beard.

The video got a lot of views. Users were fascinated by the girl who loves her dad so much and compliments him.

And they also noted that Ellie has good taste, It is much better without a beard.


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