A wedding that didn’t happen on time. It was finally organized after 77 years

Wedding day is a memorable day for all of us. We all want that day to go down in history. Sometimes, due to circumstances, it may not work. This couple married during a particularly tumultuous time in history. No wedding pictures, but lots of love! However, they would like to have a photo to remember this wonderful day. Your wedding day is an incredibly emotional day as you and your loved one celebrate the love you feel for each other. It is a day of happiness, often filled with excitement. Frankie and Royce married in 1944 after meeting in high school.

21-year-old pilot Royce King was on a two-day vacation in Oelwine, Iowa, when he married his sweetheart, Frankie. In a quick ceremony at Grace United Methodist Church, she and Frankie, said yes to each other. She wore a business suit instead of a wedding dress, and there was no photographer, wrote Aftonbladet. Hence there was no anything which could not make any memory except in their hearts. 77 years later, with two children, four grandchildren and several great-grandchildren, Frankie told the staff at the nursing home that they never had wedding photos.

And immediately the staff wanted to fix it. They found a wedding dress, baked a beautiful wedding cake, took Frankie to the hairdresser and of course everything was arranged together with the couple’s family. “We went to the park with mom, then she stood in front of dad. They said to the braid “are you ready to see the bride’’? Before removing the curtain she was absolutely beaming with happiness when she saw him,” said her daughter Sue Bilodeau. So, on September 24, 2021, they were finally able to immortalize their marriage with photos after 77 years. Can you imagine how beautiful the pictures was.

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