A woman bought a handbag at a random sale, and at home she realized that a secret message was hidden inside

A woman was walking past a mall and saw a random sale nearby. She bought herself a bag she liked and went home. However, upon opening the hidden compartment, the woman realized that a secret message was hidden inside the bag.Laura Wallace made the purchase not far from a large store of the popular Walmart chain in the US. The owner of the sale assured that most of his goods were warehouse stock of the department store. The woman spent the whole day doing business and therefore could only consider buying a house. Laura opened each compartment in succession and in the last one, apparently intended for documents, she found a small note in Chinese.

Intrigued by the situation, the woman turned to her acquaintances who knew Chinese. They quickly translated the message and it turned out that it was written by employees of a large factory. They complained about working conditions. We work hard and get paid little. See what wonderful things our factory makes for sale. We want to publicize the owner’s income so that he raises our wages and pays honestly, the authors of the message pointed out.

The reverse side also revealed the name of the factory and the city in which it is located. Laura first contacted Walmart, where she was confirmed that the bag was on sale from stock. For the United States, the reputation of a store is very important; large retail chains do not cooperate with factories that violate the rights of workers.
Walmart representatives promised to look into the situation and temporarily stopped working with the factory. Perhaps the letter Laura found will actually help workers get more money.

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