A woman made the decision to go to a salon to completely transform the look of her hair.

An ordinary woman came to a beauty salon to a respected Brazilian master, who did not stand out from the crowd. She had an old-fashioned, untidy hairstyle that hardly anyone would like. However, the professionalism of the master created a miracle and turned the “gray mouse” into an elegant and bright woman.

Due to the fact that the woman often experimented with the color of her hair, it deteriorated significantly. Hair became dry, unruly and brittle. They were golden in color and shoulder length. After studying the structure of hair, the master began to work.

The woman sat in a comfortable chair and the transformation began. She first dyed her hair and then proceeded to a haircut. The master decided to make her a short hairstyle, so she removed the length of 10 cm. From the back of the head, the hairstylist moved to the crown, then to the sides.

Noticing the structural features of the face, she made the front strands longer than the back ones. After the haircut, the master styled the hair in style. And at the end of the work, the woman received a professional make-up. Now she looks beautiful, attractive and several years younger.

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