A woman makes beautiful jewelry with her own hands. He also uses gold in them

Jewelry is an integral part of the image of any woman. They can be of a variety of styles and shapes, differ in the type of material. Jewelry is not only for decoration. They are part of national traditions. Today it is no longer necessary to wear gold or diamonds to look expensive and rich. Girls and women prefer simple laconic jewelry made of natural stones or wood, metal or glass.
American Carolyn Morris Bach creates jewelry that is distinctive and simple. Despite this, her jewelry is elegant and original, not inferior to expensive jewelry at all.

Caroline is inspired by natural beauty, wild animals and flowering plants. To remain alone with her work, the craftswoman moved to a small house in the middle of the forest, next to which a river flows. In such a picturesque corner, she creates her unique works.

Caroline Maurice Bach graduated from the College of Fine Art and Design in Providence. From her student years, she dreamed of leaving the city and settling closer to nature.
In her house, Croline has equipped a studio, where she spends a lot of time making her jewelry. The designer uses only natural materials. These are metal, wood, shells, nut shells and seeds of various fruits. The girl does all her work by hand, so none of it is repeated. Sometimes Caroline also uses gold and silver in her jewelry. However, she does not do it in its pure form, but mixes and interweaves with natural materials, which she collects in the forest.

Her work is a mixture of folk and contemporary styles. Caroline likes to study the traditions and culture of the indigenous peoples of her homeland, so in her works she depicts animal totems, symbols from the past and modern style. Her works are like mystical talismans. Caroline became famous thanks to her unique work. Many celebrity cinematographers wear original jewelry for themselves, so as not to repeat.

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