A woman was visited by insects in her house, which were so numerous that she did not understand what to do

In late autumn, a woman saw a pair of ladybugs on the window of her private house, which flew into the window. She decided not to send them outside again, but left everything as it was. The cows got used to the warmth and began to breed: by spring, their colony had already flooded the whole house.

The house was warm and there was food. At first, a few new guests did not bother anyone. According to the woman, they stayed somewhere near the ceiling during the day, and in the evenings they flew closer to the dining table. The family quickly got used to the guests. But already by the New Year, the woman noticed that the insects had become so accustomed that they were not going to either hibernate or fly away.

And most importantly, they have become a little more. So another month passed, and at some point in time, the residents noticed that the number of ladybugs could no longer be ignored: they were literally everywhere.

At one of the winter family councils, it was decided to “relocate” the guests to the yard so that they hibernated. But the decision was belated, it was unrealistic to gather everyone. The fact is that most species of ladybugs hibernate as adults. Under favorable wintering conditions, the number of insects can reach several tens of thousands.

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