A young girl sings “one of the hardest songs in the world”. He brought the judges to their feet with his song

Her name is Serena Rigasi, and you better remember that name because she’s a real star. This girl is Italian. She came to appear on the “Show, Next Star” reality program. When he came on stage, the jury realized that he is a real talent.This girl chose the version of the classic ballad “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. It is a well-known and well-known song. Those who have heard the song and know Whitney’s voice, know that it is not an easy task, on the contrary, it is a difficult task.

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When you’re only 11 years old, that pressure must be heavy, but Serena didn’t have to sing more than two words before the judges realized she was a talent in front of them. It quickly became clear that she was no ordinary girl.The jury liked him very much. The audience agreed with them. Serena sang all the way through, even after the judges stood up and applauded. A testament to Serena’s rare talent, several people in the audience were moved. Watch for yourself the moment a star is born. what an amazing talent you are serena this girl sings as good as whitney houston. We’re sure Whitney would be proud of her if she saw this.


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