A young man seduces the Got Talent jury in full show with his return for the dances of yesteryear

When a shy teenager appeared on the Britain’s Got Talent stage, the four judges didn’t know what to expect. Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Williams all watched the boy and were very curious about the kind of game he planned to show them.

Balance on Britain's Got Talent

Taylor Goodridge, aka Balance Unity, had prepared a medley of hits from generations past and was about to give it her all on stage. Taylor started with an introduction of himself and suddenly burst into a dance. The performance developed as the songs intertwined with each other, each representing a new generational decade. The audience loved what they saw, as did all the judges. All four were smiling from ear to ear, even the fussy Simon Cowell! The expressions on his faces are priceless.

Balance on Britain's Got Talent

The judges were wowed by Balance’s moves, her choreography, and the craftiness of this routine. His overall performance deserved the standing ovation he received. Watch the video of her performance and see how talented Taylor Balance is. We bet that this dancer will go far. It’s amazing what these young boys can do. It shows that the new generations are going well and that a future full of spectacle awaits us. Children begin to form early and late, resulting in wonders like the ones in this video.



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