A young man seduces the Got Talent jury in full show with his return for the dances of yesteryear

When the camera moves to show a little boy perched on a stool holding drumsticks, viewers can imagine he’s going to play his dad’s drums for a while. But that is certainly not what is happening. This 23-month-old boy, named Howard Wong, is an aspiring musician who will learn not only drums, but also guitar, bass and keyboard.


This almost 2-year-old has become an internet sensation. A song begins to play in the background and Howard launches into its percussive accompaniment. He keeps a perfect rhythm with exceptional and unwavering timing. We do not see him losing sight of the drum in front of him and the effect cymbals. He weaves between them, holding the chopsticks like a pro!


You can see he’s completely focused on his drums and doesn’t miss a beat for a second! At the end of the video, this little guy, who can’t even touch the floor of his stool with his feet, closes the song with some serious drum hits. But then he gives us an amazing little solo at the end that you don’t want to miss! He focuses so intently on his performance while playing that at the end, he can’t help but be happy. You won’t want to miss this percussion prodigy as he continues to develop his talents. He is really good! We hope to hear from you soon, but in the meantime, don’t miss the following video.



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