About the preferences of Queen Elizabeth. He especially loved animals

There is hardly anyone who has not heard of Queen Elizabeth II. She was the well-known and famous queen of England. She reigned from 1952 to 2022. She was the Queen of Great Britain and Head of State, Queen of 15 countries of the British Commonwealth of Nations, Head of the Church of England. She was Queen of South Africa from May 29, 1953 to May 31, 1961.

He descended from the Windsor dynasty. She has been the oldest monarch in British history since January 24, 2015. Elizabeth II is actively engaged in charitable and public activities. She is a director of over 600 different charities and public organizations.

Queen Elizabeth II

We know that she was the first person of England, the monarch, we also know about her political activities, but we hardly know what she liked to do. The Queen’s interests include dog breeding, including corgi, spaniel, Labrador photography, horse riding, as well as travel.

Elizabeth, now the authority of the queen, actively travels around her estates and also visits other countries. The Queen has over 325 foreign visits to her credit. Since 2009, she started gardening. In addition to English, the Queen is fluent in French

The queen especially adored Corgis, even at important meetings she was always with her. If you look at her photos, you will see the dog sitting next to the queen or walking behind her.

The queen liked to play with the dog, stroking his nose and hugging him. If you want to know the queen’s preferences in detail, you can find it on the Internet. It’s just one of his preferences. It should also be noted that Corgis became famous all over the world thanks to Queen Elizabeth II.


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