After thinking for a long time, this woman realized that it would be right to have her own apartment in order not to live on rent. She built a small house

It is interesting that a woman can implement the most interesting and crazy ideas. A woman decided to implement her idea on her own. The woman’s name was Michelle Boyle. She lived in Sherwood. She lived in rent with her children all her life. She needed a lot of money to pay for the accommodation. Apart from paying the rent, she also spent money on food and clothes.

She was a very caring and hard-working woman. She spared no effort to provide her children with a good and prosperous life. She was a cafe worker and saved a lot of money. Over time, the woman grew up and the children also grew up and one day came when she was old. The children also grew up, they left her mother leaving her alone. What could a lonely and old woman do? She now wanted a small house in a small area to support herself. She faced old age alone.she decided to study the construction conditions of the houses.

After a long search, she found a way out and was able to build a house in just one year. It was small (only 19 m²), but the house was equipped with all the necessary accessories. Now she could live the quiet and comfortable life he dreamed of. She dreamed of that house in her young life, but she realized it at the threshold of old age.

Since she did not have much money, she bought one. She spent most of her time in the kitchen and placed a bench there to read a book. She even built the small shelter based on her imagination and the desire of her young years. It was small but had a warm and comfortable atmosphere. However, the woman felt the absence of children.Her happiness was not complete. He dreamed of enjoying that house with her children. From a distance it looked like a magical hut. It was painted blue on the outside and was made entirely of wood. It was on a wooden plank at a certain height from the ground.


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