Airport passengers were thrilled by the meeting of these two friends

What could be busier than an airport in the middle of flights? Passengers rush back and forth, to baggage claim, to meetings and departures… but even such a place is no reason to rule out kind and touching stories that can touch the very heart of the person closest to them. more insensitive. Jacob Varela quit his service contract three years ago and said goodbye to his service dog Attila.

The guy didn’t get to take a dog with him that had been in his care all those three years! And they had to leave. But the dog’s age is short – and Attila retired a few years later. And since Jacob all this time remembered his dog colleague and secretly dreamed of meeting her, acquaintances from the army wrote to him that now it was possible.

And so the sheepdog was brought to O’Hare airport, and Jacob got there. And everyone in the waiting room and at check-in was touched by the rocky meeting of two old friends and their heartfelt emotions.


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