All this surprised the jury. The couple shone with their talent and surprised Simon

Teenagers Alex and Ciera appeared in front of the X Factor judges looking very excited. With everything seemingly stacked against them, audiences could never have predicted what the talented couple had in store for them. When the boyfriend-girlfriend duo announced they would be performing a sultry version of Britney Spears’ song “Toxic,” Simon responded with a simple “really?” and a scowl before giving them the plunge to start.


But they weren’t intimidated and joined their hands on stage, doing their best to avoid the dumbfounded looks of the judges and audience who weren’t expecting much of them. When the music started playing, it wasn’t a techno-pop version of “Toxic,” but rather a soulful guitar-driven version.


Sierra began to sing with a powerful, sultry voice and soon after Alex responded with impressive harmony. She looked at him nervously, but Alex was completely into his role. As Alex was about to start another verse, as Sierra joined in on the harmony, she did it so well that Simon seemed quite impressed. The public and the judges no longer doubted the choice or the skills of this duo. The three judges weighed in on Alex and Sierra, but Simon got the last laugh. What do you think of this duo? Post your thoughts in the comments section!


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