An elderly customer asked a restaurant employee to help him eat. The employee’s response was captured by the customer

Nice gestures and kindness are not something you witness every day. That’s why people take pictures of them when they see them: they’re something to cherish. For many they are a rarity, something worth sharing, even if it seems like overkill. This employee was filmed doing something unusual for a person. One feels invigorated by witnessing such circumstances. These anonymous acts of kindness are the best because we know they come from the heart. When Evony Williams went to work at Waffle House in La Marque, Texas, she had no idea she was going to become a social media star because of her act of kindness to a customer. Evony was just working her normal shift at Waffle House when she served a 78-year-old man. She brought him her order, which consisted of scrambled eggs, toast, sausage and ham. She left and started serving other customers after bringing her food. When she returned with the customer, she realized that he was just sitting there staring at her food but hadn’t tasted anything she had served him.

She asked if there was a problem and if she was okay. That’s when he told her his hands weren’t responding very well. So he asked Evony if he could do her a big favor and help her cut her food. She had no problem doing so, so she started helping him immediately after he finished asking her the question. The man was very grateful for helping him cut his food. It seemed that she was very happy to help another human being. What she didn’t know was that there was a client capturing the scene.

She took a nice shot of Evony cutting the customer’s food. This photo went viral and immediately the whole town and half the world saw his act of kindness. Evony has received all kinds of accolades for what she has done. At his work, they gave him a day off. Her clients were very happy with her and the mayor gave her a $16,000 scholarship to go to university. So she had an amazing day thanks to her compassionate attitude. And best of all, it was a selfless act, captured by someone who hadn’t even crossed Evony’s mind.


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